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Electrical Power Distribution

We design and specify complete standard and specialized power distribution systems as dictated by facility requirements. These include: low voltage (120V-480V), medium voltage (5kV-35kV), backup generation, and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems.

Power System Studies

We provide power system studies which can be associated with master planning for expanding or renovating an existing facility, and can also include: diagnosing power quality problems and identifying power conservation and cost saving opportunities.

Lighting And Lighting Controls

We design and specify complete standard and specialized lighting systems according to the project architect's design or our own design. We design indoor and outdoor architectural lighting, theatrical lighting, stadium and sports lighting, and street lighting.

Fire Alarm And Security Systems

We design and specify complete fire alarm and security systems to satisfy code requirements and facility needs. These include: manual and automatic fire alarm systems, perimeter and interior security, and closed-circuit television systems.

Traditional Communication Systems

We design and specify traditional communication systems which include telephone systems and intercom systems. We also design television reception, origination, and distribution systems.

Data Networking Systems

We design and specify data networking systems to the level required by the project. We design horizontal and backbone spaces and wiring using copper or optical fiber cable, as well as hubs, switches and routers.

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