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HVAC Systems

We design most types of heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems including: constant-volume air-handling, variable-air-volume air-handling, two-pipe hydronic heating & cooling, four-pipe hydronic heating & cooling, steam heating, enthalpy & sensible heat recovery, packaged rooftop & split-system air conditioning, and water-source heat pumps.

Industrial Ventilation

We design industrial applications including: hazardous fume exhaust, dust collection, and paint spray booth ventilation.

Energy Analysis and Life Cycle Cost Studies

We evaluate mechanical system energy consumption as well as conduct life-cycle cost studies to determine long-term system economies. The scope of the studies can be very narrow, i.e. variable speed versus constant speed pumping, or very broad, i.e. centralized versus de-centralized HVAC systems.

Plumbing Systems

We design plumbing systems including: domestic water distribution, rain water collection, sanitary waste collection, medical gas distribution, water conditioning, de-ionized water distribution, compressed air and vacuum systems, water pressure booster pump systems, fuel system storage and distribution, and domestic water heating.

Fire Protection Systems

We provide fire protection design services for: sprinkler systems, standpipe systems, fire pumps, dry pipe systems, clean agent systems, and chemical based systems.

Master Planning For Renovation And Expansion

We expand upon life-cycle cost studies and help our clientele develop a strategic plan for mechanical system renovations and/or expansions. We work with the client to develop long term budgeting and construction phasing schedules and tailor the design of mechanical systems to accommodate the long-term plan.

Indoor Air Quality Improvements

We work with facility managers and/or owners to correct indoor air quality problems associated with insufficient ventilation air, inadequate air distribution or filtration, and improper control of relative humidity.

Acoustical Analysis of Mechanical Systems

We perform acoustical analyses of mechanical systems during the building design phase to reduce potentially significant noise problems. We work with facility owners and operators to determine noise sources and corrective solutions in existing facilities.

Central Plant Design

We design both central heating plants and central cooling plants. We work closely with the owner/operator to evaluate and specify the proper equipment and develop a plant layout that enhances maintenance and operation.

Automatic Temperature Controls And Facility Management Systems

We are experienced with major manufacturers of automatic temperature controls and facility management systems; we are also familiar with several smaller but well-qualified controls contractors. We work with the owner/operator to specify control or management systems appropriate for their unique application.

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